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Super Performing Tablets




Tablets have evolved in functionality over the years to become one of the most prevalent items available on the consumer market. In fact, according to a recent study by Gartner, the average tablet and Laptop sales in 2015 were almost similar with laptops garnering 321 million in sales and tablets 319 million units in sales. This is in part because super performing tablets are built to provide ultra-fast performance all in a compact-sized device. As a result, users can effortlessly access their photos, documents, and movies with the clear Super AMOLED display, while the inclusion of ample sized memory lets you enjoy more of your favorite content without running out of space.


Super Performing Tablets


iPad Pro 9.7img_0044


  • Discover the excellence of the iPad Pro 9.7 that comes with an ample sized 9.7 inch Retina that can deliver excellent resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536.
  • Besides that, it also comes with an A9X chip that is fitted with 64-bit architecture along with an excellent M9 processor.
  • It also comes with a 12 MP iSight camera that has true tone flash and the panorama version of up to 63mp.
  • Tech lovers will also appreciate the inclusion of the four speakers audio that provides the best of audio tunes along with the robust battery that can provide well over 10 Hours of Battery Life. According to, The iPad Pro seven also supports Apple smart keyboards and Apple pencils as well.

Google Pixel C 10.2-in HD Touchscreen Tablet

Offering solid performance and impressive performance is the Google Pixel C 10.2-in HD Touchscreen Tablet. This powerful tablet consolidates premium design and flexibility such that you can work or play on the go. The Google Pixel C 10.2-in delivers

  • 2560 x 1800 resolutions and 1500:
  • 1 contrast ratio for crisp images and gaming as well.
  • Additionally, it also comes with a NVIDIA Tegra X1 with Maxwell GPU,
  • Bluetooth 4.1, stereo speakers and 3 GB LP DDR4 FOR vivid images as well as sound.

On top of that, this tablet also comes with 32 GB solid-state drive that comprises of no moving parts that reduce the chances of overheating or damage. The inclusion of the dual band processor does well to power through tasks, and it also features an 8MP rear camera and 2mp front camera.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″samsung-galaxy-tab-s2-97-15-500x333

Experience the best of technology with the Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7 that lets you view images and videos in lifelike and vivid quality.

  • Also, it comes with a super AMOLED display screen that brings your pictures and movies to life with vibrant colors, crisp detail, and deep contrasts as well.
  • The powerful processor is ideal for handling your multitasking needs.
  • With the Samsung Galaxy S2, you can store more for entertainment media including photos, videos, and movies.

Besides that, you can also expand the memory from 32Gb up to a maximum of 128 GB with the inclusion of the internal memory slot. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the cost core processor that provides sufficient power and speed required for powering through tasks. The S2 is a super performing tablet also weighs less that 1 pound as compared to the conventional tab design.





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