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The Best Wearable Technologies Best of 2016


The best Wearable Technologies Best of 2016


Just a few years ago, technological advancement was associated with computers, mobile phones, and their operating systems. However, things are changing. Currently, we have wearable technology with us. The wearable technologies come in the form of smartphones, fitness trackers, headsets and many other gadgets.


Below we have provided a list of the highest rated fitness trackers and smartwatches that forms part of the most recent and best wearable technologies best of 2016.


1. The Apple Watch



It is the most capable smartwatch. It is over a year old and remains the most affordable smartwatch in the market. It is the best designed and most efficient smartwatch one can buy.


The positives


Beautifully constructed


    • It can handle messages well


    • It has several apps


    • It sends and receives voice calls with an iPhone


    • There are various designs to choose from


    • It stores music that can be played back via Bluetooth



The negatives


    • The battery does not last for long


    • Requires an iPhone to operate


    • It does not have an inbuilt GPS


    • The apps load slowly




2. Garmin Forerunner 235 Running WatchTvK7uYplYnNS5PzS0gTY



It is an ideal watch for anyone shopping for the best GPS running watch. It is a great accessory for serious and casual runners.


    • It has a fitness tracker.


    • It has a GPS that measures distance and pace while running


    • It has an optical heart-rate sensor


    • Tracks daily activities such as calories and steps


    • It displays notifications from Android and iPhone devices


    • It is sleek and comfortable to wear


    • It is water resistant





    • The heart rate sensor is not very accurate



3. Huawei Android WatchHuawei Watch



Android users should not feel left out. The Huawei smartwatch is stylish and features a full round sapphire crystal and a high-resolution display.




    • Beautifully designed


    • Extra features that make the phone stand out


    • High-resolution display


    • The downside is that its functionality is messy and confusing


    • It lacks some high –end features such as monitor heart rate and GPS




4. Samsung Gear Fit 2samsung-gear-fit-2



It is a good looking and feature packed smartwatch. However, it is not ideal for hardcore workout warriors.




    • Slim design with beautiful curved AMOLED display


    • It has features such as heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and music storage


    • It has automatic exercise detection


    • It displays smartphone notifications





    • Short battery life


    • The heart rate sensor fluctuates


    • It is not water-resistant


    • Does not support iPhone


    • The Health App is a bit confusing



I believe the above list has given you an overview about wearable technologies and will inspire you to find more about the same.





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