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Tech sites that you need to bookmark


Are you looking for a website that offers the latest and unbiased news and reviews on the technology and gadgets? Do you want to participate actively in the latest technology and gadget news over coffee with your friends? The Internet has a lot of information, but not all websites, and web pages can be trusted.


Here is a list of reliable sites that will keep you updated in the world of technology, gadgets, and specific topics such as operating systems, best gaming sites, and the cloud technology. Visit the sites and subscribe for you to be always updated.




This is a website that offers information related to new gadgets and technology. It is one of the leading technology media globally. If you are looking for reviews on the newest Internet portals, products, websites and the latest news in technology, visit




It is a website that offers the latest news on matters related to technology. It specializes in the latest advancements and news related to technology, its culture and business too. For information on the next generation gadgets. For those who love browsing, the site is a helpful online resource. The site has about ten million page views and 7 million visits monthly.Visit here




Gadgets lovers should make a point of visiting this site. It features reviews and the latest news on gadgets. It offers the best guides for existing and new gadgets in the market. Additionally, it displays news for operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Gadget lovers will fall in love with the site.




Just the slogan of the site, will totally upgrade your lifestyle. It contains breaking news for computers, home theater, gaming devices and lifestyle products. For those who love to follow the latest news and information on cars, photography, and music, ensure you subscribe to the site. If you own or wish to have an iPhone, you will find the latest news on Apple and iPhone applications.Visit hereĀ 




Bloggers and tech website owners should consider visiting this site. It is a collection of information that has been collected, researched and distributed in the online conversation globally. It has news related to operating systems, gadgets and cloud technology.Visit here




This is a site that is dedicated to computers and how they operate. It features a constant stream of articles related to the computer topics. There are sections dedicated to specific topics like operating systems that run the computer systems. It is an ideal site for people who wish to expound their limited technological knowledge.Visit here




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