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Most of the adults who are alive today grew up without mobile phones and the Internet. Smartphones and tablets were unheard of in those days. However, a lot has changed in the current times. We have smartphones that operate on voice commands. We have social media and that makes the world a global village. Who would have imagined that our lives could change so much? We have faster computers, high Internet speeds, and high-end phones.


The world is constantly evolving, and things will be different in the next ten years. What are some of the technological inventions and products that will change the lives of the people?


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The department of engineering at Google predicts that the computers will exhibit intelligent behavior that equals that of humans by the year 2029.


It is anticipated that robots will do the majority of the human work in the future. As a matter of fact, robots are being used to manufacture most of the products. Shortly, they will build houses and replace human labor in the stores and restaurants.



Human cyborgs are real. Technological advancement has been witnessed in the bioengineering field. Some classic examples include:


    • Artificial hand with real feelings


    • Microchips implanted in the brain to restore defective hearing and seeing.


    • Electronic membranes that keep the heart beating





A lot of improvement has been made in the field of genetics. Scientists are now in a position to clone animals. Other advancements include:


    • Gene therapy


    • Personal genomics


    • Synthetic life



Gene therapy is often done for cosmetic purposes. It can be done as many time as one pleases.




3-D printing is a reality.

We have 3-D printers that can print on food items, furniture, and clothes. Fashion designers have taken advantage of this invention. We can now expect 3-D high-performance cars in the near future.

 Implantables and wearablesiPhone-Implant-in-Head--111657

Smartphones will become a thing of the past. The possible introduction of smart contacts that are of high resolution with corresponding audio plugs will push computers and smartphones to digital history. Look forward to the introduction of wireless watches and smart glasses.


By 2035, the majority of the people alive will identify themselves as transhumans. There will be a lot of human enhancements. Spinal implants, breast implants, reconstructive joint replacements and dental implants will become a common feature of the human life.






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