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Best Security Gadgets for Your Home


In today’s age of entrepreneurship, wireless capabilities, affordable hi-tech gadgets, and online connectivity via smartphones, home security has come into a modern boom of unique and effective products that most anyone can afford. From wireless video, interactive features, away-from-home security, and innovative products, home security has improved and now offers us a plethora of security gadgets for the home.



The following products are 2 of the best and unique security gadgets you can purchase for your home security that protects against and defies the old traditions, and brings security into today’s unique fight against break-ins.



1. The Lock Locker Security Latch

First, is a product that is surprisingly simple, low-tech, but effective: The Lock Locker Security Latch. This product has three steps that protects against lockpicks and even those thieves who have a key. Here is how it works.


Let’s say that you are home with the door locked. You’re asleep at night or simply trying to keep up with the kids. The Lock Locker is placed over your deadbolt and door knob from up top, and can detect lock picking and bumping of the door in the event of an attempted break-in. In fact, the Lock Locker makes it impossible to unlock the door from the outside completely, even with a key or a lock pick. The material is made of a strong polycarbonate that is used in the making of bulletproof glass.


The adjustable inserts feature 21 locking positions for most deadbolt systems.
You can use this at home or when you travel, so that you feel safe no matter where you are. This is perfect for stay at home moms, those who are first living on their own, those living in apartment buildings or bad neighborhoods, or anyone who wants that extra sense of security when they are home.


The Lock Locker is a great security hack that is both affordable and low tech, which makes for the perfect home security gadget for your home. It has received excellent reviews and is affordable, at around $25.00 per Lock Locker. Use them on all of your doors; they are easy to install and makes it simple to defy the traditional and most common methods of breaking into homes.


2. Ring, the Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbellring-wi-fi-enabled-video-doorbell-features-1024x502

One of the most popular gadgets that has made its way onto the home security scene is a more high tech, but still affordable, wi-fi enabled video doorbell called Ring.


This incredible doorbell comes in four different sophisticated designs and allows you to see and speak with those who ring your doorbell or come within the set parameters of the motion sensor, day or night. You can see and speak with these individuals when you are at home or anywhere else. This is because it is wi-fi enabled and you can use your wireless device to sync to it.


Ring alerts and begins live video when triggered by its motion detection or when the doorbell is rung. Both the camera and doorbell are included on the Ring device. Ring looks just like a rectangular doorbell casing, except the discrete camera and motion detector is located above the doorbell, letting visitors, unwelcome and welcome alike, know that they are being watched.


The setup is easy — you simply mount the doorbell on the wall of your choosing on your porch area, and you sync it to your personal Wi-Fi network. Ring is powered by using a built-in rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 6 months, or you can hook it up to your existing doorbell wiring.




Worried about it being stolen? Don’t be. Ring has a lifetime purchase protection warranty. They will replace your doorbell if it (very unlikely) gets stolen.


The Wi-Fi Requirements need a 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz network. The encryption of the video is bank grade, so you need not worry about anyone hacking into your video feed. The audio is two-way and features noise cancellation. The video itself is excellent. With Full 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, you can see any visitor with 180 degrees field of view. The sensor is also 1280 x 720 CMOS, and has perfect night vision.


This popular security device is available for $199.99 online and has received rave reviews.






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