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Tips to make you a better Pascal developer

pascalPascal is a high-level and readable programming language. It was designed for use by beginners or as a teaching language. Pascal was meant to enable beginners to “mentally compile” in a time when computer access was extremely limited. Pascal is often preferred to other programming languages, and may be useful in solving technical problems. You don’t necessarily require to learn any other easier language to better understand Pascal. It is a stress-free programming language and gets you to understand the programming fundamentals. Pascal goes a long way to helping you learn the C programming language. It has similar structure and syntax to that of the C programming language. Delphi became Pascal’s successor language: the object oriented version of Pascal.

Below are some top pascal development tips that might help you grow as a Pascal coder and gain more knowledge about the development language.

1. Understand the basics

Pascal offers you very many options and features, sometimes developers are lured into learning too many building blocks in a very short time. As a result of this, they end up reading a lot of content, but their fundamentals hang on a loose thread. Trust me, Pascal is one development language which is easy to learn and “mentally compile” if you pay attention to the simple syntax. On the other hand, it can be annoying if you are greedy trying to take shortcuts forward.

2. Case Sensitivity

Pascal is among the few a case insensitive programming languages. Meaning you can write your object, functions and algorithm in both upper and lowercase. Like variables X_Variable, x_variable and X_VARIABLE are interpreted the same in Pascal.

This is motivation to enable beginners learn Pascal with ease and for the sake of compatibility. However, if the compiler cares about something then the same is required for the programmer. This way the compiler is able to check and return errors.

3. Avoid creating many objects

Delphi enables you create objects in Pascal, However, many objects will exhaust memory and processor speed of the system. Object creation is never complete without allocating memory to it. Therefore, it is advisable to check the object requirements, and not creating unwanted objects in the code.

4. Don’t just read

Fine, if your only reason of learning Pascal is to pass the exam you have the next day, go ahead and read through all the things that you can. Since it is easy to understand and compile lines of code in Pascal, you might just get to pass the exam. Nonetheless, if you are serious about learning Pascal and getting to use it for applications development, then the best option is not by reading, but by executing the lines of codes. Gain skills and then implement what you have studied, in the form of program. You can never learn Pascal if you are not ready to get your hands dirty.

5. Understand the program structure and algorithm

Even if you are coding a simple program having a ‘for while’ statement, as a beginner, start by drafting the code on a book. E.g:
program Test;
writeln(‘Hello World’);
Pascal is a very readable language, but you need to understand the idea behind the code. With clear meaning of the algorithm and the entire compiler process, it becomes easy to catch common student syntax errors that other programming languages would have allowed. Even for the experienced developers, the best approach to a complex problem or write an algorithm for Pascal program is to break the program into modules, then you get to crack a solution for each function. When you start getting at least one module right, you get the confidence to writing the next one.

6. Working with strings

In Object oriented programming a string is classified as a class. Concatenating two strings in Pascal might cause the formation of a new string object, which in the end slows down the memory speed of the system. Always begin by instantiating a string object directly, and avoid using the constructor for this purpose.

7. Exercise, exercise, exercise

There is a lot to learn on Pascal! However, it is important to uphold the interest to learn and wanting to get better. Like any other language in programming, you can understand Pascal on your own, but the only thing wanted is continuous learning, and coding to execute what you have understood. Consider playing football; the more you sweat while practicing for the game, less you bleed in the match.

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