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Beginners Guide to Buying a Programming Laptop

choosing-a-programming-laptopBuying a laptop is a daunting process. If you are looking for the best laptop for programming you have landed in the right place. Keep an eye out on the features that you need before rushing to make the purchase. You need a laptop that will compile your codes quickly and efficiently. In other words, you need a machine that will boast of the best and latest processors.

The most expensive laptops are not always the best. The price doesn’t really reflect how well the machine will perform. There are many things that will affect the prices including the graphics card they are using, the brand, features like the touchscreen among many others. Programming laptops, however, have budget ranges for optimal performance which helps you save a few coins.

We have prepared a few considerations that will help you make the best purchase for your next programming laptop. We are however assuming that you are a web developer.

Laptop Mobility

Different laptops are available in diverse shapes as well as sizes. This will, therefore, be determined by how mobile you are. Where you don’t move around a lot, a 15” laptop would work well. They have a bigger screen that enhances your multitasking ability and will definitely have more specs.

Where you are so mobile on the other hand, 13-14” screen is not a bad one. These are much lighter to move around with and will have a longer lasting battery life.


This is one of the most important aspects that any programmer ought to seriously consider even before going to the other specs. Any programming cannot be done with a laptop less than 4GB RAM. Since you want something that will give you fast and efficient services, I would advise you go for nothing less than 8GB RAM.

There are so many upcoming electron apps that are really consuming a lot of RAM. Within no time 8 GB RAM will as well become inadequate. For a start, however, make this your minimum requirement. T consider your future development and technological advancements you can then go for a 16BG RAM.

Screen Display

One of the most important features for any programmer is the computer screen. This is the interface you will be working from. Any programming is time-consuming. You have to star at your computer screen for long hours pay the closest attention to any small detail. Any screen should, therefore, focus on giving you a comfortable reading experience.

Many laptops beings shipped today havea1366*768 screen display. For a programmer, this should not be thought of. The screen alone is enough for multitasking neither is it sharp for a comfortable reading. A 4 k display is another common display for most expensive laptops. The level of battery drain and the high cost, however, is high.
Full HD 1920*1080 display is what you ought to be having on your laptop screen. This ought to be your minimum screen requirement. This gives you great viewing angels and most of all offering you great comfort for your reading experience. (


A laptops processing power through the CPU affects its performance. This is a spec that is a must consider in any purchase. To have the best computer processor consider the cache size, number of cores, frequency and most importantly the thermal design power.

An Intel Core i5 or i7 processor having a frequency of 3GHz should bring a fantastic web developing experience.

Computer keyboard

As we are wrapping up, we can’t forget this important input device. Remember you spend your entire day banging out the keyboard. It must be of high quality. Ensure that your keys are comfortable and easy to reach. A back-light keyboard would be much better due to the option of working in a low light condition.

Operating System

This is the mind of your computer. Your operating system determines your access to so many offerings and options on the internet.

A Windows OS, for instance, has greater access to so many options and has great compatibility with other operating systems in terms of sharing and operations. A macOS, on the other hand, limits you to the MacBook options only. A Linux OS is also compatible with most hardware and in such a case it would be better to buy a laptop with the preinstalled OS to get official support.

Discrete Graphics

To facilitate you coding procedures you might need a dedicated graphics card. We can recommend a spacious SSD say, 1 TB. With the rate of this technological growth, a 256 GB is becoming more than enough. After all, you can store your relevant media and data in the cloud service. At the end of the day, however, having a TB is not a waste of money since you will still need to use the space. It also boosts the performance of your computer.

To wrap it up…

For a bigger laptop lifespan stuff it with high-end components. It might seem like you are saving a lot of money by settling for smaller SSDs and less RAM but in the long run, you might end up damaging your programming investment. Either way, speed, and performance is the main agenda.

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