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Windows vs Mac Laptops for Development

Development refers to the use of computer programming languages and frameworks to create software. This can either be a mobile, web application or other utility programs used diversely in computing and management of various devices and products.

Windows Operating System is a type of Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation to run on Personal Computers such as Laptops, Desktops, and hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. On the other hand Mac Laptops are Apple products that use Apple’s own signature operating system called Mac OS, which was derived from Unix operating system. Mac OS is the most known operating system for Apple’s Computer Macintosh line of Personal Computers and workstations. It is the second most used operating system after Windows today.

Windows Operating System for development

From the initial Microsoft Operating System i.e. MS-DOS(1981) developed by IBM through windows 1.0 (1985) until the recent most commonly used Windows 10 which was released in September 2014, Windows has been used over time in software development. Being the most spread Operating system, it has been used to create various environments for running frameworks such as Visual Basic Studio and Eclipse for java that used for development for many years.

Advantages of using windows

The most obvious advantage of using Windows is the fact that it is easy and cheap to obtain despite the recurring fees. Additionally, due to widespread use of windows Operating system and application software, becoming familiar and even understanding its use is much easier than other Operating System. The importance of compatibility in development cannot be gainsaid in the context of application development. The widespread use of windows makes the frameworks and IDEs used readily available in many places. This reduces compatibility issues that may arise. Most companies usually prefer windows products since window based programmers are readily available than Linux and Mac OS based developers who may be quite expensive to hire.There’s also quite a lot of support for windows Operating system and related applications and development framework.

Disadvantages of using windows

When compared with free based Operating System like Linux, windows is quite expensive. Most of the windows based application software are licensed and charged highly. The security for Windows is also quite low since it’s prone to attacks by malware such as viruses. Experienced users of windows have noted that it requires periodic rebooting because the system is prone to hang up.

Mac OS for development

Mac OS is a UNIX based Operating System that was first developed in March 2001. It has since metamorphosed from the initial version 10.0 that was called Cheetah through several releases until the current version 10.13 (High Sierra) that was released in September 2017.

Advantages of using Mac OS

Using Mac OS is easier for non-technical users. It is also known to be more secure than windows because of its UNIX base. To add to that Mac OS is quite stable as compared to windows due to Apple’s tighter control over the configuration options and its UNIX base. A look into the security status of Mac OS reveals that there’s almost no spyware or virus applications experienced.

Disadvantages of using Mac OS

Apple products such their devices and software Mac OS and related applications are more expensive as compared to others. The argument is that this is offset by less maintenance required over the life of the system. The cost of maintaining Apple machines is also quite challenging because of Apple’s less support. One may have to go to Apple for hardware problems. There are very few choices on hardware compared to other operating systems. Actually it’s very difficult to find a different hardware platform that is compatible with Mac OS. This may not be a problem for an average user since all common hardware types will work. Mac OS is known to be more complex than most operating systems due to its UNIX base.

Comparison of Windows and Mac laptop in development

Windows Laptop PCs are manufactured and distributed by hundreds of manufacturers and distributed by thousand of dealers, wholesalers and retails across the world. On the other hand, Macs are developed and distributed by Apple Incorporation.

Personal Computers are compatible with other Operating System platforms Linux, Solaris, FreesBSD etc. Macs are strictly Unix oriented i.eBSD>Darwin>Mac OS. Mac laptop supports only Intel processors which are expensive. Windows based laptops support both Intel and AMD processors.

Mac Laptops which are a product Apple have well-controlled hardware and software bundles and model updates. This ensures that every Mac operates smoothly without lagging, incompatibility, and have stable and expected performance. With diverse Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and custom built PCs might not have the suitable drivers released for each components in each Operating System Version therefore incompatibility and lagging may occur. Sometimes it may not each the expected performance.

Repairs, maintenance and upgrades for both Mac machines and Windows PCs can be performed by anyone who is knowledgeable. Despite the high cost, the battery life for Mac Laptop such as MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is awesome. It usually lasts for an average of 7 to 8 hours of use.

This is quite advantageous for a developer who ordinarily needs to take longer hours on a machine due to required longer hours for concentration. On the contrary Windows based laptops have short life battery yet windows based operating systems heavily consume power. This can be quite disappointing especially during long power outages.


The features described above have a direct impact on the use of either Mac or Windows laptop for development. One has to concisely consider and review the above factors before making a choice on which type of laptop to use. For example, Mac performance may be better but the cost may be far beyond the reach of a developer with little cash. Such an individual may opt to go for a Windows based PC due to its cheap price.

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