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Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

November 6, 2016 Paul 0

We are going to talk about two of the most popular note taking apps that you can find on your smartphone, sure to increase your productivity level up a few notches. Be it Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows 7, Evernote is available on almost all of the OS. It comes with the advantage of allowing users capture virtually whatever they want. To create notes has been oversimplified by Evernote – plus the note will support different types of media. This integrates into a part of a notepad.



What’s so new about the Evernote?main


You never would be tired of searching because searching on Evernote is really easy and convenient. Be it a hand written text inside an image, you can find it using Evernote. You will find variable options for entering text, photos, attachments; you can tell Evernote where you are currently located and you can enter calendar links, email and tags too.



Now what are tags? They are actually keywords which can be associated with the user created notes to be a connecting link to similar and related subjects. Thus comes in place the powerful search database which is always a single click away and this is made possible only with the ability of adding, removing tags whenever a note is created. Medical professions love this app for making work convenient and quicker.



What surprises the user is that Evernote has integral cloud sync, and the ability to access notes from anywhere. There are many applications for healthcare professionals, and it can successfully be used to store patient data. The sheer genius of Evernote is that all data we feed to it is properly organised, totally effective and highly productive, and that’s what makes it adaptable to the needs of almost any person’s individual requirements. Thus Evernote can prove to be useful for medical professionals by creating a searchable, organised place to put all our notes and thoughts.



What’s different with Skitch?skitch-evernote-logo-e1439811160198


Skitch, another great app comes into effect when used in conjunction with Evernote. In simple terms, it is a photo annotation tool. This is another product that had been launched by the makers of Evernote. Available on Mac, iPhone and Windows, it’s easy to start off. Your start can be a bare beginning like taking a photo, choosing one from the already uploaded files.



You can also start things off with a map or a web search. To give the teaching a jump start, you can add texts and highlights to the same. The menu is also very easy to go through and things are made even simpler with the navigable controls. It is too obvious to state that it is a very user friendly app.



You can create a highly efficient interface using a simple image along with the tags you added. It lets you open up an iOS map of the locality that makes it easy to locate hospitals in the locality. There is an auto save feature which directly transfers all the image annotations to the Evernote library.



Skitch is at best very simple and useful and it facilitates users to clip from maps from within the app. This along with Evernote can become a time saver for all medical professionals. Simplicity sometimes is the way to go about when it comes to apps helpful for medical professionals – skitch is an example.



New Tech Products That’ll Change Our lives Forever

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Emerging Technology That Will Change The WorldFuture640x360


Most of the adults who are alive today grew up without mobile phones and the Internet. Smartphones and tablets were unheard of in those days. However, a lot has changed in the current times. We have smartphones that operate on voice commands. We have social media and that makes the world a global village. Who would have imagined that our lives could change so much? We have faster computers, high Internet speeds, and high-end phones.


The world is constantly evolving, and things will be different in the next ten years. What are some of the technological inventions and products that will change the lives of the people?


Supercomputers and robotics1o04fz7bc69c3bafbv65


The department of engineering at Google predicts that the computers will exhibit intelligent behavior that equals that of humans by the year 2029.


It is anticipated that robots will do the majority of the human work in the future. As a matter of fact, robots are being used to manufacture most of the products. Shortly, they will build houses and replace human labor in the stores and restaurants.



Human cyborgs are real. Technological advancement has been witnessed in the bioengineering field. Some classic examples include:


    • Artificial hand with real feelings


    • Microchips implanted in the brain to restore defective hearing and seeing.


    • Electronic membranes that keep the heart beating





A lot of improvement has been made in the field of genetics. Scientists are now in a position to clone animals. Other advancements include:


    • Gene therapy


    • Personal genomics


    • Synthetic life



Gene therapy is often done for cosmetic purposes. It can be done as many time as one pleases.




3-D printing is a reality.

We have 3-D printers that can print on food items, furniture, and clothes. Fashion designers have taken advantage of this invention. We can now expect 3-D high-performance cars in the near future.

 Implantables and wearablesiPhone-Implant-in-Head--111657

Smartphones will become a thing of the past. The possible introduction of smart contacts that are of high resolution with corresponding audio plugs will push computers and smartphones to digital history. Look forward to the introduction of wireless watches and smart glasses.


By 2035, the majority of the people alive will identify themselves as transhumans. There will be a lot of human enhancements. Spinal implants, breast implants, reconstructive joint replacements and dental implants will become a common feature of the human life.






Sites You Should Know About and Visit for Tech News

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Tech sites that you need to bookmark


Are you looking for a website that offers the latest and unbiased news and reviews on the technology and gadgets? Do you want to participate actively in the latest technology and gadget news over coffee with your friends? The Internet has a lot of information, but not all websites, and web pages can be trusted.


Here is a list of reliable sites that will keep you updated in the world of technology, gadgets, and specific topics such as operating systems, best gaming sites, and the cloud technology. Visit the sites and subscribe for you to be always updated.




This is a website that offers information related to new gadgets and technology. It is one of the leading technology media globally. If you are looking for reviews on the newest Internet portals, products, websites and the latest news in technology, visit




It is a website that offers the latest news on matters related to technology. It specializes in the latest advancements and news related to technology, its culture and business too. For information on the next generation gadgets. For those who love browsing, the site is a helpful online resource. The site has about ten million page views and 7 million visits monthly.Visit here




Gadgets lovers should make a point of visiting this site. It features reviews and the latest news on gadgets. It offers the best guides for existing and new gadgets in the market. Additionally, it displays news for operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Gadget lovers will fall in love with the site.




Just the slogan of the site, will totally upgrade your lifestyle. It contains breaking news for computers, home theater, gaming devices and lifestyle products. For those who love to follow the latest news and information on cars, photography, and music, ensure you subscribe to the site. If you own or wish to have an iPhone, you will find the latest news on Apple and iPhone applications.Visit here 




Bloggers and tech website owners should consider visiting this site. It is a collection of information that has been collected, researched and distributed in the online conversation globally. It has news related to operating systems, gadgets and cloud technology.Visit here




This is a site that is dedicated to computers and how they operate. It features a constant stream of articles related to the computer topics. There are sections dedicated to specific topics like operating systems that run the computer systems. It is an ideal site for people who wish to expound their limited technological knowledge.Visit here




Best Smartphones 2016

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As one of the best-selling electronic contrivances in the consumer market today, Smartphones have over the years evolved to become an essential device for technically savvy individuals. This is because these things come with exceptional functionalities that not only let you access the internet, but also lets you capture photos and listen to your favorite entertainment media with style. For that reason, an excellent place for you to begin your search process would be the Best Smartphones 2016.


Best Smartphones 2016


OnePlus 3 (Graphite, 64GB)OnePlus-3

Experience the superior quality of the Oneplus 3 Smartphone that comes with a metal unibody and premium space-grade aluminum alloy. This gives the phone a premium feel and its lightweight as well as durable at the same time.

  • Thanks to the 16 MP camera sensors, users can capture videos and pictures on the Oneplus with excellent detail and clarity as well. It also comes with smart capture technology that makes taking photos a breeze and without any hassles.
  • The one plus Smartphone also comes with an 8MP front facing camera that takes the best of selfies each time.
  • It also comes with an improved fingerprint sensor that can unlock the Oneplus in just 0.2 seconds even from the sleeping screen.
  • More so, the phone is also carrier unlocked and comes with features that support wideband for service providers all across the world.


LG G5 Unlocked Phone, 32 GB TitanLG-G5-coming-to-Verizon-AT-ampT-and-Sprint-800x800

Experience the transformative design of the LG G5 smartphone that comes with a slide out a removable and replaceable battery for excellent functionality.

  • Tech lovers will also appreciate the inclusion of the 32 GB internal storage that can accept SD cards of up to 2 TB.
  • According to, the dual and rear camera comprise of the 16MP camera with laser autofocus and 8MP front camera as well.
  • More so, it comes with an always-on display that lets you access the time, date and other important notification without having to wake the phone.

The Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and USB Type C allows the LG G5 to recharge from 0-50% in as little as 20minutes. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security and functionality especially when accessing financial details online


Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 32GB 4G/LTE6284b-1_1

Make the best moments in life last forever with the fastest autofocus of the Xperia Z5 that lets you capture the best of photo opportunities.

  • With its Hybrid autofocus, the best camera phone provides the ideal speed and accuracy for your unique needs.
  • It combines 23 megapixels and five times powerful zoom, to capture even the most fleeting moments in excellent quality.
  • The water and dust proof ip68 compact design means that you can use the phone even in rainy outdoor conditions.
  • Besides that, it also comes with an integrated sensor that can be used as a phone locking mechanism.

The power button is well-positioned on the side of the phone such that you can pick up and securely unlock the phone with a single motion.






5 Amazing Laptops 2016

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Purchasing a laptop is a big investment in this era where computers are required for numerous tasks. Here are five amazing laptops that you should consider when shopping for high-performance laptops that can handle intense tasks.



Microsoft Surface Promicrosoft_surface_pro_4_review_18

The high-performance release by Microsoft comes with a full sized, backlit keyboard and a dedicated graphics card that can handle intensive tasks of video editing and gaming.

  • Surface book has all the power to handle the most demanding creative tasks in the office, home or on the move.
  • With the versatility of a tablet, the screen can actually be detached to serve a powerful, lightweight tablet.
  • The laptop comes with the latest version of Intel core i5 0r i7 processor and up to 16 GB RAM.

The multi-touch Pixel Sense screen comes with surface touch pen that can be used to create with all your regular desktop software.



HP EliteBook Folio G1

The EliteBook Folio is a light and thin 12.5” device with a 12.5” display.

  • The design is attractive with a silver chassis made of aluminum that is durable standing serious drops.
  • The laptop comes is equipped with a fanless cooling system, strong speaker and an infrared camera for quicker and accurate face logins and works even in the dark.
  • The laptop’s battery life could, however, be better.
  • The laptop has fewer connectivity ports that support up to date connectivity standards.

The processor is an Intel Core m7, with RAM of 8GB and 256 SSD making it very powerful and productive.



HP Spectre 360IMG_0937-980x653

The HP spectre is a stunning, slim convertible laptop with a 3600 hinge.

  • The light weight and ultra-slim feature make it easy to stay connected on the move.
  • The Hinge is designed to rotate fluidly and hold firmly allowing the laptop to be used at any angle and lie at flat tablet mode.
  • The chassis is made of stainless steel that protects it from damage and dirt.
  • The spectre comes with a 13.3 inch touch screen and natural silver color.

It runs on an Intel core i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 256 Solid State Drive.



Razer Blade Stealth


  • razer-blade-stealth-lid-1500x1000The Razer Blade Stealth is a ultra-slim light weight laptop with an aircraft grade aluminum chassis that houses an Intel core i7 6th generation processor.
  • The laptop has a 12.5 inch touch screen with high viewing angles and high color saturation, providing very high color and image quality.
  • The storage is up to 515 GB PCle Solid state Drive and memory of 8GB dual-channel and has a backlit keyboard.



Asus ZenBook UX305

The Asus ZenBook design features with a purple-tinged aluminum casing and looks like mac-book from all angles but superior in all ways.

  • It has an Intel i5 processor, an Intel HD graphics 520 and 8Gb memory and 256GB SSD storage making it a high-performance machine.
  • With a 13.3 inch screen size, the laptop has high resolution and sharp display.

It has a long battery life with a fanless cooling system



The Best Multi-Platform Games of 2016

September 5, 2016 Paul 0


There was a time when a “multi-platform” release meant that a game would come out for all available platforms; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo (including handheld) and PC. In recent years, because the Wii and Nintendo DS launched with non traditional control schemes (the latter also comparatively underpowered) true-multiformat development became impractical, so a multi-platform release has come to mean the two “serious” consoles and PC. Despite this shrinking of the term, 2016 continues to deliver some outstanding multi-platform releases, available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Overwatch is an insanely addictive team shooter that gives players the choice between over 20 unique and memorable characters. From a peace-loving combat droid to a Korea pro-gamer and an armour-clad geriatric knight, each character plays differently, meaning you’re sure to find a play-style that suits you, and must team up with friends and strangers to account for each character’s strengths and weaknesses. Blizzard Entertainment have even stated that all future downloadable content, including new characters and maps, will be entirely free. It’s easy to be dubious about a game with as much hype behind it as Overwatch, but it has lived up to expectations so far.

Final Fantasy XVFinal_Fantasy_XV_key_art;_characters_in_battle

Having been in development for over ten years, fans are ravenous for the release of the fifteenth numbered entry in the venerated Final Fantasy series. Featuring a Kingdom Heartsstyle fight system, battles are played out in real time and seamlessly integrated into the game, allowing for hectic and exciting battles to take place. Story is a vital part of any RPG and FFXV doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint; players take the role of Prince Noctis, who, along with his friends (the game features a series first – an all male party) must travel across the land using a customizable car, and, in a nod to survival games, must eat and sleep in order to maintain optimum battle performance. With fan anticipation sky high, only time will tell if FFXV manages to meet expectations.

Hyper Light DrifterHLD_Screenshot_01_rise_1080


This stunning 2D action game is a love letter to 8 and 16-bit titles of the past and really has to be seen to be believed. The pixel art, somehow simultaneously simplistic and ultra detailed, is absolutely beautiful, and incredible music direction compliments it perfectly. The story has been compared to some of Studio Ghibli’s iconic titles, and those looking for old-school style challenges need look no further than the games tight learning curve. In an era where games are becoming increasingly similar, Hyper Light Drifter isn’t afraid to stand on its own two feet.



Dishonored 2dishonored-2-fb-share-8ef325c803

This sequel to 2012’s stealth action title sees players return to the dark world of The Outsider, this time letting players choose between returning protagonist Corvo Attano or the now grown up Princess Emily Kaldwin. Each character will have individual powers, and given the choice between high and low chaos, the separate characters further provide immense replay value. If this sequel can be as confident and fully realized as its predecessor then there can be no doubt that Dishonored 2 will be a stand out title of 2016.



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