Virtual Pascal is a free 32-bit Pascal compiler, IDE and debugger for OS/2 and Microsoft Windows, and the latest version v2.1 is available for free. Virtual Pascal was originally developed by Vitaly Miryanov. It was afterwards maintained by Allan Mertner. It was planned to be made into an open source compiler which couldn’t be done as it had a lot of technical issues majorly being that no one person understood the entire compiler code and it also used a couple of proprietary tools for documentation and help. A good repository for information on the virtual pascal compiler is Virtual Pascal or vpascal is mainly known for its TP compatible text mode IDE and its support for OS/2.

The free compiler can be downloaded through this website. There is also a free VP manual available which provides information about the compiler and other documentation. VP is a compiler used to develop applications for speed, compactness and which are cross-platform.

It has both a command line interpreter and Integrated Development Environment. It also has a fully integrated debugger for finding out errors in the programs. VP compiles in the background so that the programmer can continue editing his program. The compiler is also very fast and efficient. It compiles around 600K lines of code in one minute on sub-par machines and also generates pretty small executables. One other major advantages of using the VP compiler is that it can generated assembly code which can be compiled with TASM (Turbo Assembler) and MASM (Microsoft Assembler) allowing a user to combine code from one language to the other. The debugger is also pretty sophisticated with such features as the watch window, call stack window and breakpoints window. Virtual Pascal is very useful in developing cross-platform applications both text mode and graphical especially which are to be used by OS/2.